To keep the Blackthorn Nature Preserve a natural, safe and fun place to visit the Western Illinois Nature Group would ask that you observe a few rules.

Blackthorn Hill is a 110 acre Nature Preserve that is open to the public from dawn until dusk. Please be respectful of nature, of others and of our neighbors. Please haul out your own trash. There is no trash pickup at Blackthorn Hill.

Because of the Emerald Ash Borer being found in nearby counties, it is prohibited to bring in your own firewood. Blackthorn Hill has firewood on site for your use. Please make sure all fires are cold out before you leave. Water can be found in the rain barrels or in the parking lot spigots. Lift the spigot handles just past horizontal and wait for the water. You will hear it coming before you see it.

Please login for each visit at our kiosk in the parking lot or by using the QRL code and your smartphone. Each login helps us keep track of the number of visitors which helps us obtain grants.

Feel free to walk your dog on a leash responsibly at Blackthorn Hill. Be respectful of others and pick up after yourself and your pet.

Be careful and enjoy!