What can you do here?

See the list on the home page of ongoing maintenance we can use help completing.


•Day Camp

•Sunset Camp

•Eagle Scout and Gold Award Projects (see list below)

•Insect Identification for Bug Projects for school

•Bird Identification

•Hikes: Wildflower hike, prairie hike, creek hike, old woods hike

•Observe bats, spiders, monarchs, butterflies, hawks, turkey, deer, squirrels, birds and more in their native habitat.

•Identify over 80 varieties of prairie plants in our 3-4 acre prairie

•Identify over 40 varieties of native butterfly attracting plants in our butterfly garden

•Tent camp in the activity area

•Camp in our 3 Eagle Campsite rustic cabins

•Cook over a fire

•Picnic in our shelters

•Observe wetlands

•Birdwatching - see species list file below.

There are lots of fun things to do at Blackthorn Hill, but if you've never been there, a great way to hike around is to remember that trail markers and trees show green if you are going back to the parking lot and yellow if going away from the parking lot. Enjoy!


Want to be an Invasive Plant Reporter? See the Invasive Plant Report file below.

Online Kiosk Responses — View our online kiosk check-in responses.