Why join WING?

Members and Group Members are entitled to:

• Voting rights at annual meeting (in March) where officers and board members are elected;

• 50% discount on facility fees for individuals (same rate for organizations)

• 50% discounts on activity fees for board sponsored events held at Blackthorn Hill (BTH), up to $3 in savings per event;

• 10% discounts on BTH merchandise (patch, t-shirt, etc.)

• Permission to camp (other than organized youth groups, only members can reserve facilities/property for camping)

• Reminders of BTH activities and meetings (via email)

• A great feeling of support for an organization (WING) which is responsible for paying the property bills, preserving/managing BTH’s biota, building the facilities, and offering educational activities. All donations are tax-deductible because WING is a 501c3 organization.

• Individual membership fee is $30 annually.

Print the Membership Form available by clicking on the following link:

Fill it out, and send it in with a check.